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Dark Roads, No Mercy

A predator once prowled the streets of Crossport until he was stopped. But evil sometimes comes back from the grave to hunt new victims.

Noelle Atwood and her daughter Hayley arrive in Crossport for a fresh start and meet Della, their friendly but eccentric neighbor. A woman who communes with spirits for a living. A woman who shares a disturbing secret after Noelle has a harrowing interaction with a man who died long ago.

A murderous wraith who now possesses Noelle’s violent ex, hellbent on revenge.

As the lines between the living and the dead blur and a resurrected killer roams the streets once again, Noelle must protect herself and her daughter at all costs, even as she finds herself drawn into a twisted world of dark rituals and bloody secrets.

A world with one rule: kill with no mercy.

The question is, which side will win?

What Readers Are Saying

Scared the CRAP out of me!

This book kept my adrenaline going! The book pulled me in from the very beginning and never let loose. I could literally feel the fear and pain from the characters!! I absolutely cannot wait until his next book. Harlan Black is definitely an author that you want to follow.

Loved it!

I really enjoyed this book, I just wish it was longer. I was hooked from the 1st page. Highly recommended!
Mayra & John, The Wretched

What a story!

Harlan Black weaves an amazing tale of werewolves and the awfulness of humans. It’s dark, tragic, and has you rooting for the werewolves.

I’m not a huge fan of ‘historic’ stories, but this reads like Dracula. It’s entertaining, with great characters and world building, and just non-stop action. First, you dread and fear the coming werewolves, but then you want them to thrive. I’m not entirely sure how Black even did it. That’s how masterful if is.

If you like a bit of gore and retribution with your horror, definitely read this!
Maureen H.​, The Wretched

Nicely done!

A well-written werewolf story, focusing on what it means to be a werewolf, rather than going simply for gore and blind action. Not that Harlan Black’s novella isn’t action-packed – anything but! It starts in the 18th century with a terrific, bloody scene of a werewolf attack, goes into a hugely interesting plot around a newly minted werewolf and the woman who tries to help him, managing to cover the whole spectrum of what makes a good werewolf tale!

By the end of the story, you will feel like these are people you know, whose concerns are also yours. There are, of course, some characters you’d never enjoy encountering! So if you want to be involved and entertained by a book, if you crave some good old emotional enjoyment, read this book. I am grateful to the author for the ARC, giving me the chance to review his new work.
Milt Theo, The Wretched

Great read that I could not put down.
Trina, Winter Reaping