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The Wretched

Some things cannot be contained.

In 1782, a night traveling stagecoach is attacked and the passengers torn to pieces. News spreads swiftly through the rural village of Westenshire as people whisper about unnatural beasts. Elspeth Clark doesn’t believe any of it. As a skilled herbalist and midwife, she knows the forests better than any hunter.

But when she meets an outsider who needs her help, she’s thrown into the middle of a deadly conflict she didn’t create.

A conflict that will scour her life with claw deep grooves and change it forever.

But danger doesn’t just lurk in the forest. Elspeth must also fight against a man who wants to control her, a man who will destroy anything that gets in the way of what he wants.

As fear turns into hysteria, Elspeth becomes the target of a village that never trusted her and a pawn to a group of strangers who have a score to settle.

Now nobody is safe. As the full moon rises, the road to vengeance gets soaked in blood.

If you love supernatural horror stories that slither along occult edges with a dash of history and mayhem, you’ll love this book.

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